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Mountain pass Abetone skiing in Tuscany

Abetone - sciare in toscana Passo Abetone owes its fame to the high peaks that make up the crown, at 1388 m altitude, is located in the heart of an area recognized as the most famous ski resort Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The Abetone's Pyramids can be reached from Pistoia by crossing the highway 66 and then 12.
It will be nice even a visit to the Dogana, to Stazione di Posta or at the Church of St. Leopold, and not least the pyramids, but nothing compared to the charm and attractiveness that sparks the coniferous forest, thanks to the willingness on the part of the territory of a common interest in the more naturalistic, which attracts many sportsmen.
You can practice throughout the year excursions of varying difficulty, strictly following the mapping of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club), which suggests natural paths whose beauty has remained unchanged. Among these we recommend the Mount Open Book two hours' walk from Boscolungo, which looks like pretty route steep slope at 1937 meters above sea level.
Among these we recommend the Mount Libro Aperto two hours by walk from Boscolungo, which looks like pretty route steep slope at 1937 meters above sea level. Another two-hour by walk with a vast landscape and you'll reach the Monte Cimone, the highest peak in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, with its 2165 mt.

Two other routes are signposted starting from Boscolungo: one takes about three hours, over the source of the river to get to Sestaione Foce di Campolino to 1775 m above sea level;And the other leading to the high altitude lakes, which give it its name "variante dei laghi", among them the Piatto Lake is surrounded by a magical place called Valley of Light. The Valley of Light is easy reachable by the highway 12 Abetone, where there is a network of easy walks and, for those who want to know in depth the Apennine flora, there is a botanical garden.
Moreover in winter the ski resort attraction becomes a must for lovers of snow, where you can find ski slope of all difficulty levels and a stunning landscape between barren mountains and wooded slopes.